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Really, I have been making friends only posts for quite a while. However, this banner is so pretty. If you really want to be added, comment here.


Amanda the Kitten Goes to Space

Written by Hanna, Age Eight

A/N: Each page has about a sentence on it, but a large illustration. I tried to scan the pictures, but it didn't work. :(

There once was a kitten named Amanda.

She wanted something to do.

Then she heard on the news that they were taking three cats and three dogs to space!

Amanda went right to the place where they were telling you what to do before you go to space.

Then in about half an hour the picked the animals.

The animals were Amanda, a cat named Ashley, a cat named Colie.

And the dogs were Josie, Molly, and Nicole.

The person said they would go up into space on Saturday.

That day was Friday.

That night Amanda could barely sleep.

At six in the morning, they had to go to where the rockets were.

She was the third person there.

Then in about two minutes all the animals were there.

Then they got into the space ship and the count started 5,4,3,2,1 blast off!

They were in space.

They landed on Mars.

They got out and started running.

Amanda thought she saw an alien!

(illustration of a cat saying "Thats not an alien.")

But when she turned around their space ship was gone!

Amanda sad there really is aliens!

They looked around and around.

(pic of cat saying, "Aliens where are you?")

Then they finally found their space ship on the top of a hill.

How did it get up there? said Ashley the cat.

Aliens. Said Colie.

Then they got back into their space ship and went to Saturn.

They got out and say alot more aliens.

(illustration of cats with multiple eyes)

It was very colorful when they got there.

They moved closer to the space ship and put it on the other side of the planet.

They found alot of aliens.

(illustration of cats with multiple eyes and tails.)

They ran to the space ship.

So they went out and explored some more.

Then they went to Venus.

They (I assume I meant the aliens) didn't hurt them.

It was very hot so they stayed inside the space ship.

They looked around. It was to hot for aliens so they didn't see any.

Then they went to Mercury.

Amanda stayed inside so the aliens didn't get it.

And finally everybody walked into the space ship and went home.

Amanda was hungry so she got something to eat and went to sleep.

The End

*giggle* :D

Swim babble

So swim district finals were yesterday. CR (my team) got second in districts. We really wanted first, but the other team is practically unbeatable. They have a girl who can swim the hundred breast in 1:08!!! *dies* Gah, I swam the hundred breast against her and added time. *dies again* I'm lame. I got eighth overall, though.

Anyways, I swam the 200 IM as well, and missed being in the finals heat by TWO SECONDS. That means I would have been sixth in district, but nooo, I have to be seventh. Oh well. I think that's pretty awesome for a freshman. Even though there was a freshman who swam the five hundred in 5:18. Her splits were like 27 seconds each. That's darn amazing, if you ask me.

The meet took two days, and was actually a ton of fun. I love spending time with the team; we went out for Chinese food and ice cream after the first day. Not the best pre-meet food, but whatever. The bus ride was a lot of fun, too. It made the hour ride seem too short.

I wish that I was a better swimmer. I mean, I'm ok, but there are people who are so much better than me! I know that I will never be the best, but I would love to be able to be in the relay that goes to state. I practice so hard, but I never can seem to compete. And then I add time in the freaking finals! I bet that makes a great impression. The state relays get these cool fastskin suits. Lol, it would be worth working harder just to get those. They got them for free, too. Those suits are 170 dollars!

But I don't know. I see how hard the state girls work, and I know that they practice harder than me. I suppose I am selfish for wanting to go when I haven't worked as hard as they have, but... I don't know. It's like a dream, I guess.

On the subject of selfishness, there is this girl who sits in front of me in Health class. She's always talking about how her and her friends get drunk and drive around. Not to the teacher or anything, and I for sure am not supposed to hear. She talks to this guy about all of her issues and stuff, and I happen to overhear her tales of drunkenness. Anyways, according to her, they're "Pretty sober" when they drive. Which I take to mean, "More drunk than they know they are." And that to me is so incredibly selfish that it isn't even fair. I mean, what gives them the right to be able to drive around intoxicated, just because they want to get drunk? One of these days, they are going to go out of control and hit someone's mom or dad or child, and what can they say then? "Oh, we have nothing better to do than get drunk and drive around because for some reason we think we have the right to put everyone else on the road in danger." It just makes me so mad and I want to go over there and yell at them. Because do you know how mad I would be if my family was in a car accident that was caused by some immature drunken teenager that thinks they are above it all? So pissed and angry and sad that it wouldn't even be funny.

Of pumpkins and patches

Pumpkins are probably the coolest thing in the world.

So I went to the pumpkin patch today with my family. It was totally fall-like and amazing. I bought some yummy-fresh apples and thought of Peri-Anna. We did the whole corn maze thing and my shoes got muddy and kinda wet.

I felt sorry for all of the pumpkins that hadn't gotten picked yet. Is that odd? Do a lot of people feel sorry for vegetables? I mean, there were these cute little round pumpkins that probably wouldn't get to go to a nice home. I also felt bad for the ones that were squished in and rotted.

The pumpkin I got has a swirly stem. I bet I am going to feel bad when I have to scoop the guts out of it and carve a face into it with a knife. *shudders at own description*

At the end, it started to rain. At first, I tried in vain to keep my hair from getting wet, but then I didn't even see the point in that and let the rain run down my cheeks and frizz out my hair. Ah, refreshing.


Not to brag or anything, but I won the five-hundred free.


Well, I havent had a good and informational update for some time now. The entrity of my f-list is probably thinking, "Golly gee! I wonder where Hanna has gone. I do hope she hasn't vanished off the face of the earth." Fret not, f-list, for I have returned with the intent of making a semi-entertaining postie. If you classify ramblings as semi-entertaining, that is.

Today was really a beautiful fall day. All of the leaves were turning color and the weather was brisk. The sun was shining and it looked really cool through the lens of my video production camera. This is one day that I was glad to be in video. On the way to school, the clouds were really low and looked like they were resting on the hills as the sun rose.

Swim practice was hard. My shoulders ached and my lungs felt like they were going to burst. But at the end, I felt good. Tomorrow we have pictures. Must remember to look decent.

This update was not as exciting as I was expecting it to be. Ah well, f-list. At least I laet you know I was alive. :)

Oct. 8th, 2006

Curse you, carmel corn, and your salty-sweet goodness!

I so did not just eat the whole bag...


Just look at how cute this icon is! I want to hug it.

The stars will still be there tomorrow

So I just talked to Hayli on the phone, and we made a voice post together, which was buckets o' fun, but made me realize that I suck at voice posts. However, we plan on making another one where I ask her about her opinions on orange juice and other such matters. So stay tuned! ;)

In other news:

When I was on vacation, we were staying on a lake, and I say "on a lake" in the most literal sense of the words because we were on a houseboat. Anyways, at night it got so dark that the edges of the lake blended into the actual lake and almost straight into the sky, making it feel like you had been plopped into a gigantic bowl of blackness and had to fight the urge to run back into the light before your eyes could adjust. But when they did, you could see the stars. You could see so many stars that they kind of stunned you for a moment before you could get your bearings. They kind of sucked you in, those stars, hypnotized you, really. And then when you focused a bit, you could see the Milky Way streaking across the sky and satellites go blinking by. And then suddenly, something would light up the sky in a flash. Something with a long tail that only lasted for a second, but made you gasp a bit and go, "Whoa!"

And then you get kind of sad, when you realize that it is getting cold and you should probably head in to bed, but don't really want to say anything just yet. You wait in a sort of silence with the people around, punctuating it mostly with collective "Did you see that?"s. When everyone starts to clean things up, the sadness starts to go away and gets replaced with the realization that the stars will still be there tomorrow.

Aug. 20th, 2006

It's funny how when I am making to consecutive posts it feels like double posting. Perhaps I have been spending too much time on the forums. <.<

I'm spamming my LJ because I CAN. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! lallalallallalalalla

I think I need some sleep. Oh, but before I leave, I wanted to do this: *poooooooooooookes Hayli*